Practice Safe sun!

Unscented SPF 45+ Stick

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You're so sensitive!  Well that's OK with us - we even made a special unscented 45+spf sun block just for you.  That's how special we think you are, set apart, unique, valued beyond all others, deserving of your very own customized unscented sun block, formulated for your super sensitive self.  really, it was no problem at all. Honestly we weren't doing anything else.  What is that you say?  Could we make an Unscented Lotion 45+ SPF as well?  Of course!  Anything else your Highness????  - Sorry,  I was just being sensitive.


WARNING:  Applying the Unscented SPF 45+ Sun Block may result in name calling such as "Joe Schmoe", or "Plain Jane".  But the upside is you're still preventing skin cancer.

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