Practice Safe sun!

Sea Salt SPF 45+ Stick

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What exactly does Sea Salt smell like?  It smells like awesome is what it smells like!  Awesome with base notes of exotic spices, middle notes of tropical fruits, and finishes with aromatic floral top notes.  What a silly question.


WARNING:  When wearing the Sea Salt SPF 45+ Sun Block you might receive glances from envious sun bathers reeking of chemical sunscreens wondering how in the world you can lay out in the sun without sun screen.  Your secret is safe with us unless you want to tell others about Yummy Sun Sun blocks, which in all honestly we would really appreciate because we are a small company in a sea of antiquated, carcinogenic filled mass market sunscreens and could use all the help we can get spreading our message of natural, clean products for UV protection and the prevention of skin cancer.  Oh, and world peace too.

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