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Bergamot Mint SPF 45+ Stick

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Imagine you are wandering through a citrus grove in southern Italy.  You reach up an pick a ripe bergamot fruit from a tree, peeling the delicate skin, releasing the utterly unique aroma of this Italian secret citrus fruit. And as you inhale deeply, a soft breeze carries just the faintest, barely there scent of fresh picked mint.  That is EXACTLY what it's like when you apply the Bergamot Mint SPF 45+  Sun Block.  Except nobody is speaking Italian, and you aren't in a citrus grove, and you aren't in Italy.  But other than that, it is exactly the same.

WARNING:  While wearing the Bergamot Mint SPF 45+ Sun Block you may begin to experience feelings of elegance and sophistication using words and phrases such as, " Quite right my dear." or " You absolutely must come to our ski lodge this winter."  or "Will we be seeing you in Turks and Caicos this year?".  And in extreme situations you may begin to say things like, "We found the most brilliant things last time we were in Paris...the most fabulous Chateau Margaux,  darling little Louis the XIV pieces for the guest house, and the cutest Aston Martin you ever saw!",  all while speaking with a British accent.

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