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If you haven't figured it out yet, we don't take ourselves too seriously around here.  A little "Sneaky Cheek" is a core value of Yummy Sun, LLC.  And what is "Sneaky Cheek", you may ask?  It's a subtle mix of mild sarcasm, sardonic joy, and playful jest, delivered in the most unexpected way.  But while we may not take ourselves too seriously there is something that every one of us never joke about, and that's skin cancer. (Not that many people joke about cancer.  That would be totally inappropriate and uncouth.)

Seriously, though, as a mom of two and a having a chronically pale complexion thanks to my viking ancestors, skin cancer is not something I take lightly.  In all likelihood, statistically speaking I will probably develop some form of precancerous or even cancerous spots on my body.  In fact, in America alone, 1 out of 10 people will experience some type of skin cancer in their lifetime.  According to the American Academy of Dermatology, last year, there were almost 6 million reported cases of skin cancer in the U.S. and in 2018 there were 40 deaths from malignant melanoma every single day.  And that was only in the U.S.

Here's the part that's almost a joke, almost.  Skin cancer is the single most preventable cancer known to man.  We know what causes it and we know how to prevent it.  It's too much!  You might be thinking to yourself, I use sunscreen all summer long and I'm constantly slathering my children, despite their ingratitude for potentially saving their lives.  Preach it sister!  I hear you loud and clear and I am in the same boat.  But unfortunately there is a caveat to all that prevention.  And here it is:

Not all sun blocks are created equal.

I won't go into all the super nerdy sciency-science about the carcinogenic sunscreens currently FDA approved,  but I will say that while the FDA still approves the use of them they also report that these chemicals are carcinogenic.  In other words,  we know these chemicals cause cancer but we feel that there's not enough of a health concern to warrant going up legally against multi-billion dollar companies if we actually put a ban on their use of said chemicals. But change is on the horizon.  Just ask Hawaii.   They just passed legislation that will officially ban the sale and use of certain chemical sunscreens.

As for Yummy Sun, we believe that being safe in the sun doesn't mean you have to use unsafe products.  We only use mineral sun blocks like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which are non-toxic, bio-degradable, safe for all life on earth from little bitty humans to exotic corals and tropical reefs.  

But ultimately it's a choice.  When you are at the store grocery shopping or running into a convenient store on the way to the lake, you have a choice in what you put on yourself and your family.  Obviously I hope you choose Yummy Sun because we are the awesomest.  But if Yummy Sun isn't an option, choose a mineral based sunblock.  And for the love of all things good, apply the doggone sun block before having your fun in the sun!



Carly Jaquish, CEO and CMoT (chief mom of two)

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